IBA Softhouse

For the International Building Exhibition 2013 in Hamburg Textil Bau GmbH realised the moveable façade and roof construction of the IBA Softhouse. This construction consists of 32 membrane strips made of glass fibre which serve as shading elements. The top of these strips are covered with Photovoltaic panels. Even on the roof these panels are part of this special assembly. Here they are connected to fibreglass reinforced plastic elements (GRP-boards). It is possible to align the Photovoltaic panels at the façade and on the roof to the sun position.

membrane surface: 32 elements á approximately 3 m² I GRP-boards: 32 elements á approximately 3 m² I customer: Patrizia Projekt GmbH I architects: KVA Kennedy & Violich Architecture Ltd. I statics: Knippers Helbig GmbH I membrane production: Flontex Europa I fabric: PTFE glass fibre Verseidag Typ B18656 I steel structure: Frank Krüger Metall- und Anlagenbau GmbH I completion: 2013