Gasometer Berlin

For the ARD television programme “Günter Jauch“ Textil Bau realised the roofing of the gasometer in Schoeneberg, Berlin in record time.

As quickly as possible, we put a team together capable of meeting the challenges of this demanding task.

Thanks to our experience and target orientated coordination as well as the exceptional commitment of everyone involved, we met the deadline so that on 11th September 2011, the first broadcast of Günther Jauch live from the Berlin Gasometer could take place.

The roof consists of a single layered PES/PVC membrane, attached to the existing Schoeneberger Gasometer giving consideration to aspects of historical heritage preservation and held by the inner pressure of the gasometer alone.

Apart from diverse pilot studies, Textil Bau coordinated the statics, membrane production, completion and installation as well as permit procedures including “ZiE” with the Berlin Senate.

customer: 360 degrees Cupola | total membrane surface: 3.500 m² | architects: REM+tec | statics: ib zapf | membrane production: K. Daedler e.K. | material: Verseidag Duraskin B4915 | steel construction: Wilking Metallbau / Dieter Schütte GmbH & Co KG | steel rope: Görlitzer Hanf- und Drahtseilerei | fittings: Carl Stahl GmbH | light dome: Eternit Flachdach GmbH | installation: 3dtex | completion: 2011