Storkow Castle

Stage roofing used all year round in an inner courtyard within the framework of renovation work on “Burg Storkow”.

Conical structure clamped into a conical ring, lower membrane edges with edge rope pockets. The lower membrane corners are anchored on a newly created wall in front of the historical brick walls of the former brewery and on a reinforced concrete support. The central mast is a steel three point suspension mast additionally stabilized by means of a high tension rope as well as a snow? rope under the membrane to keep it in place.

owner: Stadt Storkow/Mark | architect: Thomas Alt | statics, detail planning: Ingenieurbüro Teschner GmbH | roofed surface: 136 m² | membrane surface: 158 m² | fabric: Verseidag PES/PVC Typ IV | steel construction: Lams Stahlbau GmbH | membrane production: K. Daedler e.K. | steel ropes: Pfeifer GmbH | completion: 2004