Velbert Canopy III

For a parking space roofing, a curved construction made of galvanized and additionally coated steel was designed and planned in front of an on-site concrete wall. The design comes from the studio Leichtbaukunst, Dr. med. Lars Meeß-Olsohn. The roof is covered with a PTFE-coated fiberglass fabric. As a partial screening on the side surfaces, a silver mesh fabric was chosen, which also fulfills the fire protection requirements.

Functional LED lighting under the roof and at the top of the pillars highlights the roof at night.

Within a few weeks, the initially beige membrane is completely faded up to a bright white appearance.

membrane surface roof: ca. 100 m² I membrane surface side: ca. 45 m² I customer: SEBO Stein & Co. GmbH I statics: K.TA Architekten und Ingenieure I membrane production: Koch Membranen GmbH I fabric roof: VERSEIDAG-INDUTEX GmbH Type B 18039 I fabric side: VERSEIDAG-INDUTEX GmbH Type B 18656 mesh silver I installation: Benjamin Hacker I steel structure: Stahlbau Hahner GmbH & Co. KG I completion: 2018