Stadium roof Sotschi

By order of Vector Foiltec Textil Bau produced the impressive middle part of the roof of the “Fisht Olympia stadium” in Sotchi and led the installation on site. This part of the roof is made of PVC-coated polyester fabric. The total area of these 88 PVC-cushions is about 22.700 m². It was possible to install all the cushions on time in only three months.

The part of the roof to the left and to the right is made of ETFE-cushions by Vector Foiltec. In order to adapt to the overall design of the stadium and to reduce the primary steel structure visually to a minimum, Textil Bau produced the membrane construction of the middle part also in cushion shape. The color of the cushion top of the polyester fabric is the same as the ETFE-cushions silver. The bottom is made of black polyester fabric, so the entire stage equipment remains hidden from the eyes of the spectators.

covered membrane surface: 22.700 m² I customer: Vector Foiltec I membrane statics and planning: Büro für Leichtbau, Jörg Tritthardt I membrane production: K. Daedler e.K. I fabric: Obeikan Obetex 1100 I installation supervision: IRA GmbH I completion: Herbst 2013