Textil Bau is a company that designs and implements projects in the field of textile architecture and is known for its challenging membrane constructions successfully positioned worldwide and in particular on cruise liners and ocean going yachts, in the trade fair and exhibition sector, the hotel business, the gastronomic area and in landscape gardening and architecture.

Unique membrane constructions are created in cooperation with an established network of international engineers, steel and membrane construction builders as well as top class installation experts. Whether they are conical structures, free forms, arches or for exhibitions and trade fairs – Textil Bau membrane structures are intelligent and innovative solutions.

Our service starts with consultation regarding the design as well as structure and detail planning, production, installation and culminates in maintenance. This enables us to guarantee our customers professional and economical project management from the first design to the finished installation.


Textil Bau can look back on 18 years of successful business and was founded by Ingo Lishke, Master of Archineering, in 1999 in Hamburg. The original sail maker master implemented countless membrane constructions in Germany, then also in Europe, Asia, South Africa, Dubai and Bahrain and was known as one of the international specialists in the field of membrane structures. The joint venture with the textile construction company Texshade Prefabs gave Textil Bau its introduction to the Indian market in 2006.

Ingo Lishke unfortunately died unexpectedly in 2010. His wife, Kim Reinsch (formerly Lishke), graduate in Business Administration, has taken over her husband’s business and is successfully running the company with the assistance of its well-established team.